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Take a moment…you’re worth it

June 23, 2023

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Moments are so underrated these days. Probably because they don’t provide tangible output. However moments that matter are worth their weight in gold. Let me explain.

When I take moments they provide a pause, a space from which to assess, contemplate, consider, observe, feel, reflect or simply be. In the workplace and life in general, moments have become my saving grace to evaluate and become aware of my own state and quality of being.

Moments offer a stock take

Throughout the day I will often take moments to pause to provide an internal status report of where my body is at. It’s like an internal check-up and I am my own General Practitioner.

  • Is there a gentleness and flow in the way I am moving or are my movements hard, controlled and rigid?
  • Am I working in a natural rhythm or have I gone into nervous energy to get something done?
  • Do I feel settled and at ease or is there an anxiousness there?
  • Is the quality of my breath gentle or am I breathing quickly or not even aware of my own breath?
  • Is my body open or is it tense and are my shoulders around my ears?

These moments happen frequently throughout my day – at my desk, when walking, sitting in the sun, in meetings and dare I say…even on the toilet! They often provide the space to become aware if I have disconnected and gone into drive to get something done and/or provide an opportunity to arrest a momentum or change the quality or movement of how I am working or being.

I am my own science experiment that is constantly checking in and learning from myself and the world around me based on what I observe, feel and experience from within.

Moments build self-awareness and body connection

Moments build self-awareness of how I either respond or react in certain situations and with people. They build an intimate relationship with myself, where my body and quality of being become my internal compass and wise advisor in how to navigate through life that is centered, steady, joyful and enriching.

Moments are precious and as mentioned they are worth their weight in gold. They remind us that we are already everything – there is nothing to get to, strive for, perfect or improve upon. We are already it – we are the gold and it’s all there within.

Enjoy your day and let yourself shine.

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