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We build change capability and productivity through employee wellness.

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With an increase in mental health issues, stress, anxiety, exhaustion and fatigue, is your organisation and leadership team equipped to handle the level of change & intensity at this current time?

If you're after commonsense preventative health & well-being services

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Living Medicine delivers preventative well-being education, tools & lifestyle management BEFORE the mental & physical health issues, stress, burnout, anxiousness, exhaustion and illness.

We deliver services for individuals, teams and organisations to re-connect to a way of working and living that restores vitality, releases stress and anxiety, improves sleep, develops self-care and overall well-being. 

human services agency - cairns

Thanks so much Marcia, this is one of those 'must do' workshops for everyone in the human services sector. This links to Workplace Health & Safety to address the impact of both physical and mental health absences in the workplace

aged care organisation - gold coast

The workshop was very gently conveyed by you Marcia; you allowed us to contribute by your manner and I felt you put us all at ease. The content was just right and so very beneficial for life in general. The whole experience was wonderful. 

I was able to better understand how important I am and how to listen to my body rhythm. I felt in a better place after the session than I did before. I enjoyed the space we were in and the food was great. The conversation around the lunch table was invaluable to the team. There seems to be a intensified sense of camaraderie between team members since the retreat


Thank you for your workshop, it was so well received that people are still talking about the themes from those sessions. I would love to keep you linked in with my team in some capacity to sustain the messaging.

employment services organisation


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Leading well through change

Often all we require are the practical back to basic reminders that enable us to stay centred, steady and present.