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We live in an era of unprecedented intensity, distraction & stimulation, where it is all too easy to lose ourselves in the outer noise and complications of life.

These are just some of the signs that our body is not coping nor is it living from its true vital state. In turn we resort to other forms of medication to alleviate and 'fix' these symptoms without really taking responsibility for the lifestyle choices that got us there in the first place.

The impact of this can be felt in our national and global health statistics, overwhelmed, unsustainable health systems and workplace absences. Many of our chronic diseases could be prevented through common sense education, different lifestyle choices and lifestyle behaviour.

Stress, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, mental health, overwhelm, sleeping issues, poor eating habits, physical pain, restrictions and burnout have become commonplace. 

Living Medicine offers a sustainable holistic approach to organisational wellness. It presents an opportunity to foster wellness as a strategic objective to retain and attract employees who are committed to bringing their optimal fullness.

Living Medicine partners with organisations, leaders and teams to deliver online or face-to-face workshops, programs, retreats, presentations and coaching. These services empower individuals to take responsibility for their own health through the way they live and the choices they make on a daily basis. 

Well-being is intrinsically linked to an organisations quality of service, engagement, productivity & change capability.

Living Medicine brings focus to prevention through lifestyle management. This wholistic approach brings focus to the whole body, mind and being, and the quality that is lived on a daily basis. 

Many of our mental and physical ill health can be attributed to lifestyle choices and can be prevented through common sense education and different lifestyle choices and behaviours.

Living Medicine offers wellness tools, coaching, online programs, workshops and events to re-connect to a way of living that restores vitality, releases stress and anxiety, improves sleep, develops self-care and overall well-being. These practical tools offer a reference guide and inner compass to gauge the choices that are made on a daily basis and the impact this has on one's health and well-being..

local & global

Our reach is far and wide and where required we draw on a network of well-being specialists and medical and allied health practitioners at a national and global level.

Based on the needs of an organisation's wellness requirements, appropriate resources are accessed to provide a virtual multi-disciplinary team.

Marcia Owen is the founder of Living Medicine, and has worked in the fields of education, health and well-being for 20+ years presenting retreats, workshops, programs and sessions for individuals, groups and organisations in Australia and internationally. 

As an independent senior change practitioner and coach she works with organisations and employees to support transformation, This enables her to be grounded, real and aware of the everyday impacts on people when working in fast paced, constantly changing environments and ambiguous situations. Working from a human centered design approach, she actively partners with organisations and employees to respond to the opportunity at hand.

Her combination of wellness expertise alongside organisational transformation, leadership and coaching provide a very real return on investment to embed wellness into the fabric of any organisation.

Marcia is a qualified post graduate certified organisational and leadership coach, health and wellness coach, senior yoga teacher, trainer and behavioural change practitioner. She provides scalable wellness solutions tailored to the needs of an organisation and its employees.

DIRECTOR / PRactitioner - sydney, australia

Marcia is not just an excellent presenter, she is exceptional
and an industry leader.

nurse / practitioner - waikato, new zealand

Marcia has wisdom to spare and a steadiness and consistency which holds every member of a group as equal.


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