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Hi, I'm Marcia and I offer wellness coaching, online programs, retreats and workplace health for those who are ready to lead life from a much deeper relationship with their breath, body and being.

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We live in an era of unprecedented intensity, distraction & stimulation, where it is all too easy to lose ourselves in the outer noise and complications of life.

Without an inner compass, we can often find ourselves down a path that is not entirely supportive for us, definitely comprised and living less that who we know ourselves to be. At some point we need to arrive at a knowing that there is more to life that what we may have subscribed to. It is at this pivotal point that we are ready to dive deeper, beyond the superficial surface layer of life to discover the true awesome within and the everyday magic of life that comes from living the fullness of who we already are.

That means I live in a way that supports this simplicity and enables me to stay connected as best I can to the essence of my being while living in a world that is geared towards the complete opposite of this.

What I offer through Living Medicine are simple tools I use to maintain connection and union and to build a steadiness that allows you to deal with the demands and challenges of modern life....

I am dedicated to supporting clients to re-connect to the stillness, wisdom, power and intelligence that come from their body to live the medicine we receive through the quality of how we live each and every day.

I keep life simple

Living Medicine is about a way of living that is your medicine.

And if not, what is the compromise and how does this affect our health, quality of life and service to others?

With rising rates of illness and disease to everyday stress, anxiety, exhaustion, insomnia, physical pain, emotional and mental issues – we have very clear indicators that our health is currently in a state of imbalance as opposed to our natural, vital and joyful quality of being.

The impact of this can be felt in our national and global health statistics and overwhelmed, unsustainable health systems. Many of our chronic diseases could be prevented through common sense education, different lifestyle choices and lifestyle behaviour.

The premise for all that is shared by Living Medicine is that we are already all equally amazing but do we actually live and honour this in every aspect of our life?

This approach encompasses the practical tools of our breath, our body and our quality of being. These foundational tools are reference guides to connect to a deeper way of living that is in connection with ourselves, our body and the essence of who we are.

"Chronic disease is a global concern, with prevention of chronic diseases considered to be a key approach that will ensure that future generations are not at risk of premature death from these diseases".2

Living Medicine's services are complementary to conventional medicine. We see our services as an essential part of a whole that works in collaboration with conventional medicine and health practitioners to ultimately support an individual's well-being.

Living Medicine offers complementary
health & wellness services. 

These services empower individuals to take responsibility for their own health through the way they live and the choices they make on a daily basis. 

I offer over 15+ years experience in education, health, and well-being presenting retreats, workshops, online programs and wellness coaching to individuals, groups and organisations in Australia and internationally.

As a student of life I embrace the true education and learning founded in everyday situations, experiences and connections with others. I offer a warmth and joy in workshops and programs that shed light on the potential of living the medicine we are through our choices and our every movement.

I also work as an independent change practitioner and offer a very real and practical approach based on my own lived experiences of maintaining as best I can, a consistent and steady presence at work and in life through self-care, awareness and my body's messages.

DIRECTOR / PRactitioner - sydney, australia

Marcia is not just an excellent presenter, she is exceptional
and an industry leader.

nurse / practitioner - waikato, new zealand

Marcia has wisdom to spare and a steadiness and consistency which holds every member of a group as equal.


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Certified Wellness Coach with Wellness Coaching Australia

Professional member and Senior Level 3 Teacher with Yoga Australia

Professional practitioner member of the Esoteric Practitioners Association International

Certified Executive and Organisational Coach with the Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership

Certified to conduct Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey's to support the wellbeing of leaders in the workplace

Certified Prosci Change Management Practitioner 


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