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Wellness programs are made up of Yoga of Stillness sessions that bring focus to developing a relationship with yourself and your body.

Online group wellness programs build a daily fitness that holds you accountable to you. What does that mean? It means it builds the muscle to hold steady with yourself during the day as opposed to losing yourself to the daily demands, self imposed or imposed expectations and challenges of life.


Reacquainting with you body and it's true intelligence offers a gauge or a reference point from which to take care of your health. It is the barometer of truth and the more you come to honour the true intelligence that comes from your body, the more you can respect and care for the body and therefore yourself. 

Yoga of Stillness is considered yoga for our modern times. Each session brings focus to gentle movements, conscious presence and the opportunity to reacquaint with your body's natural quality of stillness. In consideration of current lifestyles, the Yoga of Stillness restores you back to a rhythm and a way of being with your body that supports and sustains your health, vitality and true wellbeing. 

As you re-acquaint with your body it offers a foundation from which to navigate and deal with life that is centered, practical and simple.

Sitting still and connecting to my body felt alien and pointless, however I knew there was something in it, because every so often I would stop fighting myself and would connect to a feeling of complete ease within myself that was not my norm, but felt exquisite. 

When I first attended Yoga of Stillness sessions I found them difficult. I was so used to being permanently on the go.

Business owner - UK

How do they work?

weekly livestream sessions

Weekly group 15/30/60 min sessions depending on the program


Accessible from anywhere
 in the world


Weekly deep dive session
with group coaching (optional)

There is discontent and unsettlement with where you are at within yourself

You're habits are out of control and your behaviours are erratic 

You're running on empty and in a momentum of 'doing'

There is a major disconnect or disassociation with your body  

If you relate to one or more of these..

You have been running ahead of yourself for some time and don’t know how to stop

You're spending too much time in your head and the stories resulting in lack of presence

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The Yoga of Stillness is a preventative healthcare modality suitable for people of all ages and the perfect medicine to release tension, stress and anxiety, address exhaustion and reclaim back vitality, improve our sleep rhythm, develop focus with the mind, rest and rejuvenate the body, build confidence, self-worth and develop self-care.

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Heather - chef, sussex, uk

I've absolutely loved this program. I've been a lot more focussed on my wind down rhythm in the evenings since beginning the program. Far from perfect, but in the main I'm feeling the benefits of bringing more focus to my evening preparations, and I'm pleased to say that I'm sleeping better and feeling a lot less tired during my days.

I have found the Yoga sessions truly wonderful. To be so gently guided back to my body and given time to allow a surrender to a stillness within has been quite remarkable. This has assisted in supporting and holding me during my weeks, especially in my work which feels valuable.

Nursing teaching, gold coast, australia

I really appreciated the sitting yoga the last 6 weeks. I made it into a laying down version. My sleep has been more rested and slowly I feel more energized during the day. It is a great way of making me stop where otherwise my mind keeps having a ball.  It was also a beautiful reminder that I don't have to be anywhere, that it's ok where I'm now and whatever is coming up. 

business owner - rotterdam, netherlands

Programs are often themed based on current times and needs

Programs are usually 6 or 8 weeks

Programs are global and can be accessed through an online platform or recorded sessions

One hour Yoga of Stillness sessions or 30 minute Sitting Yoga sessions are offered once a week

Follow up 30 min optional group coaching calls are offered once a week

Recordings are available for up to seven days after each session

Further information is provided within each program event.

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