living medicine

inner strength
& stillness



for women

You will experience sustainable tools to embody an inner strength and stillness that provides you with true confidence from within. This retreat will support a reconnection back to your body to build self-care and a way of living to re-establish your natural rhythm and flow. 

This one day retreat offers a foundational wellness reset which focuses on how integral your relationship with your body is to true health.

Body connection & confidence


Saturday 19th March 2022
9.00am - 4.30pm


Temple Retreat
Grandview Road, Pullenvale QLD 4152



Are you ready to let go of distractions, develop your awareness, conscious presence and clarity of mind?

Are you ready to deepen your relationship with your body's intelligence and loving discipline with self-care?

Are you ready to let go of self-doubt, self critique and accept your body and embrace the inner qualities you hold?

Are you ready to establish a healthy relationship with food through an awareness of your body's needs?

Are you ready to build confidence from the inside out?

This retreat is for women who know it's time to rebuild and restore their connection and relationship with  themselves and their body.

What you will experience...


Moments to embrace simplicity through a Gentle Breath Meditation™


Body awareness, connection and movement from within


Fully catered experience with a nourishing menu

stillness yoga

Deepen your relationship to your body & being through the Yoga of Stillness


Inspiring presentations and shared discussions to inspire and learn


Spend the day in the beautiful natural surrounds of the Brisbane hinterland

Experience a day dedicated to nurturing
the relationship with your body and the essence within.



Temple Retreat
Grandview Road, Pullenvale QLD 4152



Come join us for a one day retreat

Saturday 19th March 2022
9.00am - 4.30pm

Temple Retreat is a luxurious and tranquil hideaway situated in Pullenvale, a rural acreage area west of Brisbane, 20km from Brisbane CBD and 40 minutes from Brisbane Airport.

Set on 10 acres, the Temple Retreat Studio offers a fully equipped movement space and kitchen perfect for intimate retreats. The property is set in a quiet private valley with views across to Moggill State Forest. 

This retreat was profoundly beautiful, deeply nurturing, stilling and put me in touch with a deeper level of tenderness.


Marcia has a natural steadiness and stillness that instills a sense of trust and ease within people. She has over 15 years experience in education, health, and well-being presenting retreats, workshops, online programs and wellness coaching to individuals, groups and organisations in Australia and internationally.

In addition Marcia also works as an independent change practitioner and is dedicated to supporting leaders and organisations to continually evolve through transformation opportunities that focus on customer and employee experience as fundamental drivers.

Marcia offers a very real and practical approach based on her own lived experiences of maintaining a consistent and steady presence at work and in life through self-care, awareness and her body's messages.

Feel free to contact Marcia on 0413 312 348 if you have any questions.

Marcia Owen


yoga presenter |  wellness coach | change practitioner

Ashley is great at supporting her clients to connect with their body, overcome negative self talk, feel empowered, ditch the fear around food & embrace healthy lifestyle changes. 

Ashley takes a holistic approach with her teaching. Combining exercise, nutrition, and the way we care for ourselves through our thoughts, movements and daily habits. 

She encourages clients to feel their body in movement; to truly appreciate the strength of their body, while increasing stability and mobility. Ashley can help you harvest your inner and outer strength & connect with your body

“Every breath is another chance to be the best version of yourself”

Certifications: Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist, Clinical Pilates Instructor, Mat & Reformer Pilates Instructor, Health Coach

Feel free to contact Ashley on 0411 795 484

Ashley Carbyn

Holistic personal trainer | health coach

This retreat is possible through the collaboration of independent amazing services from the following businesses

Do I need to have experience in meditation or yoga to do the retreat?

You don't require any experience in meditation or yoga. Both of these modalities are very practical and available for all age groups. The meditation will be conducted in a chair and the yoga is mainly laying down or sitting up on thick yoga mats. If you are experiencing physical restrictions, modifications can be made to ensure your body is supported.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many women will be on the retreat?

The retreat is limited to a maximum of twelve women. The intent of the retreat is to ensure a level of intimacy with those present. The purpose of the retreat offers space for women who are ready for change, providing an honest baseline from participants to make the most of what will be presented and experienced.

What are the times for the retreat?

The retreat starts at 9.00am on Saturday 19th March and ends at 4.30pm.

What are your terms and conditions?

Please read our terms and conditions carefully to understand your responsibility as a guest and my responsibility as a host and presenter.
You can read the terms and conditions here.

Once I buy a ticket, can I get a refund if I can't attend?

Tickets are non refundable once purchased. You may gift or on-sell your ticket to the registered date of the event.

If there is a lockdown in Brisbane and the retreat is unable to go ahead we will transfer the tickets to another date. If the new date does not suit you we will refund the ticket.

If you are living in an area that goes into lockdown and you are unable to cross the border to get to the venue, we will transfer the tickets to another date. If the new date does not suit you we will refund the ticket.

The event will adhere to all required COVID mandates.

COVID arrangements

Do I need to be fit and strong to do the inner strength movement?

Are you available to answer questions about the retreat?

Absolutely, feel free to contact Marcia via email through the contact form on the website or phone me on 0413 312 348.

Not at all, this day is about moving and reacquainting with your body in a way that is true and support for you.